The Home for Life Plan has changed our retirement

The Home for Life Plan has changed our retirement

This fantastic alternative way of buying property or reducing debt has changed so many lives. See these real life-changing accounts:

Homewise has given Mr & Mrs K the opportunity to clear their mortgage and stretch their affordability to purchase a bungalow which is essential for health reasons. In their current home Mrs K has to use a stairlift and needs to downsize to a more manageable bungalow as she also cares for her husband.

Mr & Mrs K.

Mr & Mrs G wanted to retire to a ground floor apartment in a good area close to the sea and clear an existing mortgage. Homewise has enabled them to stretch their affordability and find the perfect property which would have previously been out of their reach. They are now able to pay off their mortgage and have more financial security and a place to enjoy their retirement.

Mr & Mrs G.

Mrs L was intending to purchase the property independently, but after speaking to Homewise she is now able to buy at a reduced price. This will enable her to give up work and have more time to pursue her hobbies and interests and also retain 50% of the property to pass onto her estate for inheritance.

Mrs L.

Mr & Mrs M were living in rented accommodation and wanted a secure property to enjoy their retirement. They were unable to find anything within their budget so we introduced them to Homewise. They had said that the right property was more important than inheritance but with the Home For Life Plan they have also retained 50% of the future value of the property.

Mr & Mrs M.

Mr & Mrs H were living in Spain and were keen to get back over to the UK, they had a limited budget and were very concerned about what they could afford. Their budget of £140,000 has enabled them to buy a bungalow worth £200,000 through us. They are now looking forward to enjoying their retirement in the UK.

Mr & Mrs H

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