Increase Your Rental Portfolio

Finding the right product to help grow your portfolio

If you are interested in increasing your rental property portfolio, you are able to release equity from your current property stock in order to invest in additional property for let.

To ensure your investments grow and stay healthy, it is important to ensure you spend time carefully selecting properties that are well positioned to earn you a greater return on your investment.

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Finding the right property is a fundamental part of a successful rental portfolio, so it is worth taking the time to conduct the following:

  • Carry out market research on an area’s demographics to learn more about its employment rate, university access, property types and rental values.
  • Study the needs of the local community and what amenities are readily available to them. Ensure that everything available to the local community coincides with the needs of your target market.
  • Spend time deciding on the property requirements of your target market. It may be less expensive to buy a property that requires renovation, but it is worth considering the time frame in which this can be done and how that may affect your rental income.

Our mortgage advisors at Ward & Partners are able to help find a suitable product, allowing you to keep payments low, while increasing your portfolio.

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