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This is a demo account

  • 2x Bedrooms
  • 1x Reception rooms
  • 1x Shower/Bathrooms

2 bedroom house in Canterbury, Kent

Price £245,000

2 bedroom semi-detached house.
Sunny rear garden.

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Details handed out: 56
Details mailed out: 60
Details emailed out: 50
SMS text messages sent: 300

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Date Comments
1 email message sent from Canterbury office
4 set of details mailed out from Herne Bay office
1 set of details mailed out from Ashford office
1 email message sent by Chloe at Biz-e office
4 sets of details mailed out from Canterbury office
2 email messages sent by Danielle at Canterbury office
1 set of details mailed out from Canterbury office
1 email message sent by Chloe at Biz-e office
8 email messages sent by Philip at Cliftonville office
55 SMS text messages sent
2 sets of details handed out by Philip at Canterbury office
Added to Shortlist: 8
Search results views: 750
Property details views: 568
Floor plan views: 86
Map and area views: 70
Virtual tours views: 10
Brochure views: 46
Date Comments Name
Buyer going back to measure up Mr & Mrs Kenney
Property went under offer Mrs Kenney
Applicants can't make it will call on Monday to rebook Mr & Mrs Christopher
Have made a offer Mrs Tunell
Offering £255,000 to start with Mr & Mrs Kenney
The bathroom was way too small but they loved the conservatory and the road Mr & Mrs Jacoby
Open Day: Positive, better than the other houses they had looked at today Mr and Mrs Donnell
Open Day: Not for her Mrs Barre
Open Day:Felt it had potential but still looking Miss Guy
Open Day: Very interested, going to check with Mortgage Advisor Mr Keenan
Has offered on something that doesnt need anything doing Mr Waring
Loved it was dark through so 2nd viewing on Wednesday Mr & Mrs Kenney
Date Name Asking Price Offer Price Status
Mr & Mrs Kenney £245,000 £255,000 Sale Completed
Mr & Mrs Tunell £245,000 £244,500 Declined
Mr John Waring £245,000 £235,000 Declined
Mr & Mrs Jacoby £245,000 £230,000 Declined
Mrs Christopher £245,000 £246,000 Withdrawn

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