• The Self-Employed Mortgage Conundrum: How Can YOU Solve it

    12 March 2018

    Post credit crunch, it’s become harder for the self-employed amongst us to get approved on a mortgage. Why? For the simple reason that it’s viewed as risky. Frustrating, right? Your business could be thriving, with regular high income and still you’d have to jump through hoops to get close to a mortgage deal.

  • 5 of Phil Spencer's House Selling Tips

    08 March 2018

    There’s no doubt that Location, Location, Location presenter, Phil Spencer, is the man to go to when it comes to property. As well as having a keen passion for all things bricks and mortar, he’s a trained surveyor and has been in the business for years giving buyers and sellers golden advice on how to navigate the property landscape.

  • Everything You Need to Know about 'Buy to Let'

    02 March 2018

    Buy to Let: a corner of property investment that is a truly viable way to bring in a regular income, particularly if you can raise a hefty initial deposit. There’s no doubt that passive income is an attractive concept but, as with any investment, you need to know the full picture before diving in.

  • 5 Habits of Super-Successful Property Investors

    23 February 2018

    The world of joint ventures, property management and wholesaling is an attractive prospect. Good old bricks and mortar is often promoted as the best of assets to invest in, for the simple reason that it’s something that we all need.

  • How to Get a Mortgage: 101

    19 February 2018

    Does the first rung of the property ladder feel like you’ll have to pole-vault to even reach it? You’re not alone. It can seem out of reach, impossible, even. Don’t fret, there are simple steps you can take to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to get your first place.

  • Empty Nesters – Top Tips for Downsizing

    16 February 2018

    The inevitable has happened. The noisy, haphazard, loving chaos that once filled your home has turned into something else… it’s peaceful. After a couple of decades of not having a second’s peace, you’re suddenly presented with a whole lot of time and space to yourself. This is when you realise it’s completely possible to feel relief and loss at the same time, right?

  • How to Make Your New Home as Magical as Your Last

    12 February 2018

    You’ve loved every single part of your home: right from the creaky floorboard (second to the right) in the upstairs bathroom, to the radiator pipe that makes that strange knocking noise at 5am every morning. It’s been magical. And now you’re facing the reality of leaving…

  • Renovation: How to Flip, not Flop

    09 February 2018

    How often have you said ”We should buy that super run-down place that's just come on the market, do it up and then sell it on. We'd make a fortune!” It's a well-trodden, romanticised idea but there is a lot to learn. Here are our tips on making renovation go smoothly (and profitably).

  • Moving Home: Why You Need to Start Selling Before You Start Buying

    02 February 2018

    Picture this - you’ve found your dream home. The one house to rule them all. It ticks all the right boxes. Room for development? Tick. Beautiful garden for summer BBQs? Tick. High ceilings and skylights that endlessly brighten up your day? Tick.

  • 11 Killer Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Faster

    21 January 2018

    You love your home. It’s full of memories you created, alterations you made and personal touches you thought of. Basically, it’s got your stamp. But let’s face it; the urge to move can be powerful.

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