How to Make Your New Home as Magical as Your Last

12 February 2018

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illustration to our guide to how to make your new home as magical as your last

How to Make Your New Home as Magical as Your Last

You’ve loved every single part of your home: right from the creaky floorboard (second to the right) in the upstairs bathroom, to the radiator pipe that makes that strange knocking noise at 5am every morning. It’s been magical. And now you’re facing the reality of leaving…

What started out as a gleeful excitement at the prospect of starting afresh, has turned into a recurring dream of being prised from your favourite apple tree in the garden (how many summer days have your family spent under there?) The truth is, it’s hard to let go. And when you’re in the thick of it, emotions can take over. So it’s even harder to imagine your next home having as much magic as your last.

We’ll let you into a secret… it can and it will – if you follow these tips.

Make Unpacking a Priority

Stubbing your toe on boxes that are piled high to the ceiling for the first few weeks isn’t going to give you that homely feeling, particularly if weeks turn into months. Unpacking should be right at the top of your list. Do it quickly and efficiently, being careful to shake out every piece of bubble wrap to make sure you’re not throwing out something valuable.

Also, you can make sure all your familiar items are out on display in their new place. That will be enough to kick-start that new home feel.

Prioritise the Kids’ Rooms

You can imagine, there is nothing likely to kill your mood more than your children moaning about their lack of toys/entertainment. Trying to get comfortable to the tune of ‘where’s my iPad?’ or ‘I can’t find my Ninja Turtles figure’ is going to tip you over the edge of reason. As soon as you turn the key in the door of  your new home and direct the removal men to your children’s bedrooms, get the furniture all set up in the right place so that way they can spend the day unpacking their boxes (and out of the way).

Don’t Make it Flatpack Hell

Likewise, with the unpacking, don’t add to this by buying a load of flatpack furniture to  put up. Trust us, making a bookshelf is fine but putting together six in a row will take hours, if not days! Bring your key pieces from home to recreate familiar feelings from your old rooms. Or why not try and track down some charity shop/second-hand deals so authenticity can reign. The last thing that’s going to make your new home feel special is the promise of flatpacks waiting for you (even if you’re a rare natural at putting them up).

Get Cosy

A quick, surefire way to start feeling new-home magic is to put up lamps, candles and your comfort items straight away. Create an atmosphere with music you love, soft lighting and sofa throws that are reminiscent of cosy times.

Don’t forget that smell plays a huge part in this; it’s the most nostalgic sense human beings have, after all. Try lighting a fire (if you have one, and it’s winter!), or putting your favourite meal in the oven; you’ll feel more at home in no time. This article by Good Housekeeping gives you some top cosy tips on creating a special atmosphere.

A Change is Gonna Come

Remember that change is inevitable. Human beings thrive on change just as much as we do on routine, so you have to grasp it with both hands and run with it. Have faith that you managed to build a magical home before, so there’s no reason you won’t knock it out of the park this time.

It’s normal to have a little wobble when you’re moving house. Is this going to be as special? Have we made a mistake? Would we be happier where we are? You’ll build new memories. You’ll find new little intricacies that make a house a home. You’ll find that it’s actually you that created the magic in the first place. And really, you’ll never know unless you try!

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