Why you should switch from your online estate agent

10 April 2019

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Online agent fees due?

Let’s get this straight… You signed up to sell your home with an online agent, you were tempted by not having to pay commission and figured that you can do pretty much everything else online, so why not sell your house too?

What happens if you haven’t sold yet, though?

Unfortunately, you’ve still got a bill coming your way if you weren’t made to pay already. Yes, you’re not paying commission but you’ve still got to fork out for that online agent fee, which is hard to swallow when you’re not seeing the results you want.

Sound familiar? We don’t blame you for feeling deflated at this point. Unfortunately, you’re not alone – wanting to switch from an online estate agent is a story we hear all too often.

The good news is that Cubitt & West has a solution…

What is Cubitt & West online cashback?

Why would you pay an online estate agent for not selling your home? Cubitt & West is committed to helping the many people feeling trapped by their online estate agent and invite you to join us. If you switch to us, we’ll give you up to £1000 to offset your online agent fee when you complete on the sale of your home.

What are the benefits of switching online estate agents?

There are many benefits to switching estate agents when selling your house. Here are reasons to switch your online estate agent and join Cubitt & West.

Up to £1000 cashback

First and foremost – switch your online agent and let Cubitt & West sell your home and you could earn up to £1000 to offset your fees.


Some things need a personal touch. Cubitt & West offers everything online agents do and a whole lot more. For example, we include the likes of professional photography, as well as open houses and contact our large database of buyers.

Mortgage and conveyancing

We can also offer tailored financial and mortgage advice to you so that you get the best available deal.

No upfront fees

Unlike online agents, there are no upfront charges or additional costs.

Pay on completion

You won’t pay anything until we’ve sold your home.

We work with you

Getting you moving forwards is our top priority. Our expertise and customer-first attitude offers peace of mind to our clients, giving you confidence that we will do everything we can to help you.


Cubitt & West is your local estate agent – we’re part of the community and have branches all over Kent.

Switch from your online agent to Cubitt & West

Cubitt & West can get you moving forward on your life’s journey and put up to £1000 in your pocket by doing so when you switch online estate agents. Go to our page or get in touch for more information. Of course, you could always pop in to your local branch and see a member of our team for that personal touch.

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